It is not surprising that French Bulldogs are one of the top ten most popular dog breeds in the country. These little charmers have the full package, and are an easy addition to any home. Here are seven reasons why you should consider owning a French Bulldog.

They are the perfect size
. Whether you need a dog to cuddle on your nap, or you want a walking buddy, the Frenchie is the right dog for the job. English bulldogs are quite hefty and toy breeds may not bot substantial enough, but the French Bulldog is just the right size.

They are affectionate. French bulldogs were bred with the intention of being demonstrative pets for those who want a lap dog with more personality than the average small-dog breed. They love giving kisses, rubbing their heads on you, and jumping up to perch on your lap. Whether they are meeting strangers for the first time, playing with children, or keeping a senior citizen company, the affection of French Bulldogs knows no limits.

They are entertaining. French bulldogs prance around the room as if they own the place. Sometimes they like to “booty-scoot” across the floor, or roll around chattering in a playful way. There is a good reason these pups have become so popular on the internet, on memes, and as live-in companions: they bring a new level of entertainment that many dog breeds can’t boast of.

They are low maintenance. Frenchies have silky short coats that do not require trimming, heavy brushing, and trips to the groomers. They do need their face creases and ears wiped from time to time, and their teeth brushed and nails clipped like another other pup. But overall, when it comes to demanding dog breed, French bulldogs are not one!

They are the perfect blend of stubbornness and comedy. If you do something that makes the pup grouchy, he might saunter off to his dog bed for some serious sulking. If he is not in the mood for a walk, don’t be surprised if your Frenchie lays flat on the floor, like he’s just lost the will to live. While some rigorous trainers would get frustrated with that kind of attitude and resistance, we think this hilarity is part of why French Bulldogs are so lovable.

They are opinionated. What does this mean? French bulldogs aren’t afraid to let you know how they feel! They jabber, howl, growl, bark and make an array of noises that reflect their mood. While this might not suit someone who loves silence, a Frenchie is the perfect company-keeper for those who don’t mind their dog speaking up.

They are content indoor dogs. There is no need to take grueling, hour-long uphill hikes to satisfy this breed’s need for exercise. They are content with short strolls, and plenty of indoor playtime. Highly athletic people may not find the best running companion in French bulldogs, because they have short noses and struggle with respiratory problems.

Any way you look at it, French Bulldogs are fabulous pets for those wanting a pup full of pep and personality to share their lives with.