Scottish Fold cats are a unique breed known not only for their famously curled ears, but also for a number of distinct stances and poses that few other feline breeds often mimic. It all starts with the famous stance, like the one pictured here:

Not many felines will stand happily on their hind legs for sustained periods of time, but Sottish Fold cats are celebrated for it. And when supporting all their weight on the hind legs gets too tiring, this endearing cat breed will happily slouch back into the ultimate hunched position. While this might look back-pain inducing to us, the Scottish Fold cats are perfectly content to fold their spines over, and relax in this legs-first sitting position. This seated posture has become known as the “Buddha Pose.”

Here is a great conglomeration of Scottish Fold Cats in the Buddha pose:

You can lounge like this anywhere; even from a perch!

Even celebrity Taylor Swift’s cats Meredith and Olivia are known for modeling the Buddha Pose and the Scottish Fold Stance!

Just a couple of kittens, lazing around on the carpet. Buddha-posing is more fun with two!

We get the feeling this Buddha-poser doesn’t like being looked at!

When these kitties get into their comfy position, no amount of teasing or playing could induce them out of their meditative stance!