You’ve seen them. That new dog your friend bought that was so hideous, it made you laugh out loud?   Quirky and what might be described as “ugly” pets evoke our sympathy and warm our hearts so much so that they almost seem adorable! Below are some of our favorite ugly mugs, pugs and pooches who desperately need a little love in their lives, where they lack in beauty!  Enjoy the roster of rotten-looking hounds!

This alien-esque French bulldog-Chinese crested mix certain has his own look going on here! The wispy hair is oh-so charming.

…but we’d rather not share an opinion about his lazy-eyed brother.

Who wouldn’t fall for that endearing under bite and those sweet sappy eyes?

This Thailand temple dog looks like he has the canine-measles.  Not sure he is quite on the level of “cute”  but everyone loves an underdog.

Someone needs to tell this chubby Pug a thing or two about dieting…. But we’d still cuddle that cuteness.

It really is a struggle to find beauty in Chinese crested dogs, but those droopy bangs and fluffy paws are genuinely adorable.

Surly and grumpy-faced Griffon Bruxellois have squat noses and smug mouths.  Still, you can’t help but smile!

And if that Griffon didn’t win your heart, this scrawny little character looks straight out of a Dr. Seuss’ city Whoville.  So ugly, you just want to pick up his sweet little self!

A thunderous pup like this one is quite a lot to take in; those jowls are something else.

Oops!  That’s not even a dog. Thought we could fool you. (But “warthog” at least rhymes with dog!)