Ever wonder why Cavalier King Charles Spaniels were allowed to run free around the British royal courts? Or why monarchs would be regularly distracted by the cuteness of these fur-babies? Let us enlighten you. Here are some of the most adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs, and just how they have worked their way in and held their ground in our hearts.

Irresistible Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

As puppies, you just can’t top them:

They always want to go outside with you to play (even if it means getting wet!)

In fact, they will accompany you just about anywhere.

They look worthy to sit at the feet of princes and princesses, don’t they?

Sometimes they just seem so pitiful and helpless, you want to scoop them right up!

They love to snuggle. Anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.

Even when they look cranky….

Or when they wear funny costumes, these little darlings are as cute as can be!

Bonus points? Cavalier King Charles Spaniels know how to have a good time. Get a load of these party pups!