goes around the chest of the dog, which is the strongest part of their body, so if a dog tries to pull away when seeing something exciting, the force of the pull is not concentrated on their neck which can cause damage if the pressure is strong enough.

The dog harness is not a good option when training a dog to heel since when it tries to pull away, there is no discomfort to keep them from continuing the undesirable action, as most of the pressure is on their chest, which, as stated previously, is the strongest part of a dog’s body. So a regular leash and collar combination are more suitable when training a dog is more appropriate. Once training is complete, switching to a harness is perfectly fine.

Things to look for when selecting a dog harness

  • Ease of use: Is it easy to put on and take off?
  • Adjustability: Make sure the dog harness is highly adjustable so that you can find a comfortable fit for your dog.
  • Comfortable interior: The inside of the leash should be padded or at least have non-chaffing material.
  • Special functionality: Some collars come with little compartments for carrying things like treats, or poop bags. Others have no-pull mechanisms.

Check all the features to find the perfect fit for not only for your dog, but also your needs.

Below we have selected the best dog harness options for your pooch.

The Best Dog Harnesses

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