We’ve all seen them. Sitting out in the rain, bedraggled and hopeless. Morbid-looking felines smothered by thousands of kisses, or humiliatingly adorned in silk and bows. Here is a tribute to pathetic cats that tolerate so much from their overly doting owners.

The cat that doesn’t want to be touched, thank you very much.

The cat that doesn’t know what he did to deserve water torture.
wet cat just out of a bath

The cat that refuses to read another word.

A cat on a literal hot-tin-roof, just does not give one tiny little damn about your picture-taking. (He’s as cool as a cucumber).

This guy didn’t want to have to pull rank, but is happy to condemn the foul dog to sleep on the floor.

No he-man Tom cat appreciates being wrapped in a pastel-colored towel.

Some cats are decent enough to give you a warning snarl. …But don’t come any closer.

This cat didn’t want to go to your birthday party.

The chubby gangster recommends that you leave the treats, so nobody gets hurt.

The cat who doesn’t care if Santa comes this year (and he thinks your photo shoot was stupid too).