Being chubby isn't good for our canine companions either.

Being chubby isn’t good for our canine companions either.

When one thinks of common canine health problems, issues like hip dysplasia , fleas, ticks, skin allergies, and digestive trouble come to mind. While dogs certainly can get themselves into a whole host of problems, some of the more common health issues are tragically overlooked by their pet-owners. Do not fall into the same negligence that has caused pets months of agony and illness. Instead be aware, watch for symptoms of distress, and see a vet if your pup is ailing with any of the below conditions

  • Chronic ear infection/itchiness: Whether a dog has seasonal allergies, ear mites or just poor hygiene, he might develop an ear infection. Bacteria can grow comfortably in the moist, dark caverns of a canine ear, and apart from a pup’s constant scratching, we might never know that there is any discomfort. Ear infections and diseases can be very painful unless there is any relief. If your dog has dark build up in his ears, or there is a putrid odor coming from them, there might be an infection present. Dogs such as Poodles, Shih Tzus, and Spaniel breeds are most likely to suffer from ear infections, since their long thick hair can get into the ear canal.
  • Obesity: It is hard to refuse those puppy eyes whenever they beg for more delicious treats, and because of this many pet owners have pudgy dogs without realize the extent of the health concern. Overfeeding or under-exercising a dog greatly contributes to the weight gain which wreaks havoc on the dog’s outer physique as well as his inner health. Canine obesity leads to arthritic joints, limb strain, diabetes, and lethargy; which if left untreated will cause a dog’s health to decline.
  • Tooth Decay and Gum Disease: Nearly 85% of canines suffer from periodontal disease at some point in their lives. Since bacteria from dental disease can pass from the mouth to internal organs and into the bloodstream, it is imperative that pet-owners provide their dogs with good oral hygiene. Fortunately, besides brushing and tooth scraping, there are a number of dental hygiene products that are available to make the task simpler.
  • Heart disease: Pet owners seldom consider the option of having a pet that might suffer from heart disease. The most common kinds of disease which occur in dogs are valvular disease or cardiomyopathy. Since the symptoms are difficult to detect at times, a dog might suffer from the disease for months or years without their owner knowing it. If you are unsure if your dog’s heart is in healthy condition or not, look for grayish gums and labored breathing. When heart disease is identified early, it can be treatable with the right medication. When in doubt, go see the vet!