For those of us who enjoy a creamy bar of chocolate, it is difficult to imagine how canines can be deprived of the greatest culinary achievement in existence! Luckily for them, dogs generally don’t know what they are missing! Fortunately, though the most beloved human elixir might be off-limits for our puppy pals, that doesn’t mean that all delicacies are interdicted. Here is a list of 5 scrumptious and healthy treats our dogs can indulge in while we sip a hot cup of cocoa, or nibble those white chocolate Lindt truffles.

5 Sweet (and Healthy) Treats Dogs Can Eat

Before considering what might constitute a “sweet canine treat,” we first need to remember that while dogs will eagerly consume nearly edible item in front of them (and even some inedible objects, at that!) many human foods can be dangerous. The items below are safe-zone options that will delight your pup without compromising his stomach!

  • Watermelon: This luscious melon not only has a heavenly flavor that is sure to win over your dog, but they will also keep your pet hydrated in the summer. The Vitamin C and lycopene are just added bonuses to the natural high water content. Freeze the watermelon in chew-worthy cubes, or simply toss your dog a fresh slice at the next BBQ.
  • Yogurt: Frozen yogurt is a popular warm-weather dessert. There is no reason that dogs should be deprived of the same delicacies! Slice some bananas or berries in ice cube trays, spoon yogurt over the fruit, and pop the tray back in the freezer. On the next hot day, your dog will get to chomp on a cool, protein-rich probiotic snack.
  • Beets: Though beets are a root veggie, they are high in natural sugars which can satisfy your dog’s sweet tooth. With magnesium, potassium and flavonoids, beets are a great super-food addition to any dog bowl. (Be warned, the color pigments in beets can stain furniture, so feed them to the dog outside, and be prepared that your pup may sport a pink beard for the day if he is a sloppy eater and his fur is white!)
  • Sweet potatoes: Dehydrating sweet potato slices will give your dog some chewy morsels to enjoy after dinner. These potatoes are high in Vitamins C and A, as well as magnesium and fiber. Sweet potatoes are great not only for pups with a hankering for something sweet, but also those who might need help in the digestive department!
  • Blueberries: You’ve heard of dogs who just can’t seem to stay away from crunchy carrots and apple slices, almost earning them the title of vegetarian. While not every pup seems to have the same affinity for produce, most dogs respond well to blueberries. The deep indigo morsels are not only rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, but they are one of the healthiest “tasty” treat both dogs and humans can indulge in. (If you really want to pamper your blueberry-crazed canine many spas and groomers now offer a blueberry dog facial).