It’s nearly impossible to grow up in America and NOT have fallen in love with some of these animated films. Whether you were one of the ones singing along to The Lion King, or tearing up over The Fox and The Hound, it is more than likely that one of the films below impacted you at some point. Reminisce with us over these animated classics, and remember what made you adore cats and dogs in the first place.

Oliver & Company (1988): This Disney musical “dramedy” is an animal version of the Charles Dickson classic novel “Oliver Twist.” The films tells a redemptive story about a homeless kitten named Oliver and his adventures with a gang of dogs in New York City.

One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961): Disney depicts Dalmatian duo Pongo and Perdita’s attempt to save their puppies from being turned into a fur coat by antagonist Cruella Deville. Later, the animated film was turned into a live-action feature called 101 Dalmatians (1996), starring Glen Close, and has also been adapted into a stage musical.

The Fox and the Hound (1981): True friendship is tested when fox cub Tod and a hound puppy named Copper play together and promise to be friends for life. In adulthood, friendship is tested by the roles of predator and prey, when the fox is chased by the hound. Disney maintains the adage that friendship overcomes every obstacle in this family favorite.

Puss in Boots (2011): In the computer animation spin-off of the Shrek franchise, this ancient story highlights a charismatic Spanish cat. In the film, the honorable thief Puss in Boots meets familiar nursery rhyme characters such as Humpty Dumpty and Jack and Jill.

Bolt (2008): Disney’s computer animated film Bolt is about a TV-star dog who believes he has superpowers, and is accidentally transported from Hollywood to New York. Bolt and an alley cat friend named Mittens embarked on a journey of self-discovery as they make their way back to California.

All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989): This story highlights the lives of a German Shepherd named Charlie and how he makes the most of his second chance at life on earth by helping his Dachshund friend Itchy, and a poor orphan girl. With all the quality of an American film, and all the soul of the Irish (having been produced in Dublin), this film was one of the most popular VHS releases of the early 90’s.

Lady & The Tramp (1955): Lady is an American Cocker Spaniel from a loving, wealthy family while Tramp is a street-smart mutt. One of Disney’s original canine-love stories, this reflective cartoon hints on themes of society and class distinctions, and how true love and sacrifice triumph over all odds.

Tom & Jerry – The Movie (1992): What began as a hilarious children’s show on MGM in the 1940’s, has turned into years of slapstick entertainment and fun. Tom Cat is ever chasing Jerry Mouse, and the devilish little rodent has been outsmarting the rogue for decades. Finally Turner Pictures encapsulated this long-living rivalry in a feature-length film.

The Aristocats (1970):   When a wealthy French opera star wills her fortune to her cat Duchess and her 3 kittens, a vengeful butler named Edgar attempts to dispose of them in order to obtain the inheritance himself. Duchess and her aristocratic brood escape with the help of an alley cat named Thomas O’Malley, and find friendship in surprising place, in another film about social class and true love.

The Lion King (1994): This bold Disney film took the world by a storm, instantly creating a following of millions of fans around the globe. Though not about domestic cats, audiences have cheered on lion cub Simba on his journey or becoming the king of the pack both on film and on stage as a musical.

Other Great Animated Animal Films

  • Felix the Cat: The Movie
  • The Cat from Outer Space
  • Robin Hood (we know it’s really about a fox but the movie is so good we had to list it!)