Lately, “awkward” is the new cool. Being suave, calm and collected all have their places in relational dynamics. But generally life is much more entertaining when things happen by accident, or when funny situations occur, particularly where pets are involved. A minor juxtaposition of dog sizes, surprising facial expressions, a pet that overshot that jump, or catching dog doing exactly what you told him not to do… these are the moments pet parents live for. Join us in giggling at some of the most awkward pets!

Awkward Dogs
“This one’s gunna be hard to explain to Mom, guys!

This permanent fixture clearly has trouble gauging distances, but he still looks just as happy as he can be!

When someone said to bring “rolls” to dinner….

“I swear, if just one more person asks me ‘what’s the weather like up there’…”

Sometimes when you call your pup in for dinner, he brings all his friends. Goody.

“Uh, trying to have a private conversation here, dude.”

What can we say, accidents happen


This pug might be confused about who wears the pants in the family.

When your dog is like “Nah, IMMA be in this pic, ya’ll!”

Or this canine that just cannot hold it together.

Pugs are hard to explain.

That awkward face you make when the water is just too cold.

Dogs have no limits to what they will explore

Sometimes pet owners stage the animals… and even IF it’s pretty accurate, this is also very awkward.

Fall asleep during a meal? We’ve all been there. It’s awkward.