English bulldog with white kitten

Canines are an undisputed loyal protectors and beloved companions for millions of people around the world. Many dog owners even entrust their pets with the lives of their young children, viewing the dog as more of a nanny than they do a pet. It is a beautiful part of the canine nature to care for small creatures, even if that small creature is their “sworn enemy,” -the cat! Here are some valiant dogs who seem to genuinely enjoy protecting, guarding, cuddling, and playing with felines.

No one will have a chance to bother this little kitty while he is sitting between this pup’s paws!

Sometimes dogs are so sweet to cats, they are afraid of moving and waking them up!

These buddies like to play hide and go seek, and snuggle under the blanket together.

Or curl up on the couch for some afternoon snoozing!

Dogs are great for cats, not only to function as a protector, but they become perfect pillows for the felines!

Some dogs even feel protective instincts for kittens they see on TV!

Even if the big dog is not exactly sure what to do with that measly little creature, their watchful instincts kick in as the kitties explore the world.

Whenever the cat gets too rambunctious, or those claws come a little too close, these loyal canines just let the little ones play anyway.

Maybe dogs are so good at watching over and protecting kittens, because they hope the feline will eventually grow up to be their own personal masseuse one day!