Most people are of the opinion that cats are more reserved and dogs more expressive in their affections. While canine companionship certain does seem to involve more slobbery puppy kisses than what cats are willing to give, make no mistake, felines are a devoted and loving species. Here is a fair face off about which species is more demonstrative and loving, the cat or the dog!


No need for boundaries with these two pals. This kitty has clearly found his calling in life: neck pillow par excellence.

This cat’s protective skills are on point. No guy would want to mess with this feisty Tom cat.

Felines get a little separation anxiety when their owners are gone too long. They are known for holding on too tight!

These little darlings just don’t want to let go of the ones they love.

Some cats are clear that their affections actually lie with the dog.


Sometimes they love you so much, the pup will settle for being cuddled up with your clothes.

They just like being carried around like a baby; is that too much to ask?

In return, they will shield you from things you shouldn’t see!

Some dogs want to be so close, that they treat you like their lounging chair!

Or they look at you with that love-crazed gaze.

And are secretly hoping you won’t turn them away!

And that it will just be the two of you pals forever!