Think you’ve seen it all when it comes to pet-entertainment? We doubt it! Here are 5 of the most innovative and elaborate playthings you could get for your dog or cat. While not everyone wants to drop hundreds of dollars on a trendy toy, when there are other more obvious needs an animal would have, it is still fun to get a glimpse of what the world’s most pampered kitties and pups are indulging in these days!

DJ Kitty – by Suck UK Cat Playhouse.
Sure your pet has never seen or heard of a “club” (unless you are referring to the fresh turkey sandwich you just made!). But wouldn’t it be hilarious to set up your kitty with his own turntable station? The revolving record is made of durable cardboard, making it the perfect focal point for your kitty’s swiping paws. Let him sit at his turntable deck, and mix beats at the next party you throw, and watch your guests giggle and those flying furry paws.

Bubbletastic – dog bubble machine.
Every child is mesmerized by both watching and chasing floating bubbles, and now your dog can be crazed with the same bliss these airy globes inspire. The soapy little spheres will emit continuously from your dog’s own private bubble machine. The best part? The bubbles smell like bacon, so if your dog’s eyes don’t lead him to the bubble clouds, his nose surely will!

The Pet Treat Launcher – by FinePet
Most dogs are always keen for a game of fetch. But the best way to motivate your kitty to play, is to use actual treats. Enjoy the uninterrupted sedentary moments of your couch-potato day while still getting to log some great play hours with your cat, using the pet treat toy launcher. This hand-held gun dispenses a treat across the room with just one pull of the trigger. This is a great invention for sick days when you don’t have the strength to romp around with your pet, but you still want to have fun!

All-in-one pet leash – by Protocol
If you have ever gone on a walk and felt like you just didn’t have enough pockets or hands for the trip, this nifty little gadget is the perfect solution. No need to stuff a handful of beef-scented puppy treats into a napkin before you go, simply bring this retractable dog leash with you! It has a built in treat dispenser, a mini water bowl, a poop-bag dispenser, a clock and even a flashlight. People with this tool will want for nothing on their daily walk. (Not to mention, it is a great surprise gift for dog-lovers too.)

Go-Pro for Pets – by MamaDooo
We’ve always been so fascinated by the concept of a bird’s eye view –but what about a dog’s perspective? Working the same as a digital Go-Pro-like camera, this tool clips onto a dog’s collar, and documents all of his travels by taking dozens of pictures throughout the day. Though you might be shocked from some of the sights you see, now there will be no mystery as to what your dog does when he is unsupervised.