Not everyone can afford to give their pug a regular blueberry facial, or keep her nails painted in the most popular shade of the season. But there are pet owners who not only routinely give their cats and dogs spa treatments, but also like to socialize their pets in ways that closely mirror human interaction. Pet owners enter their dogs and cats in group training sessions (similar to elementary school for kids), here the pets can socialize with other animals on picnics, play times, long walks, and catered pet parties. They go to gyms and do physical training sessions to promote wellness and athleticism, and receive holistic medical treatments at many of these recreational centers. Pets can stop by the “beauty parlor” for grooming services, and enjoy succulent treats at the fine-dining cafes and bakeries specifically designed to delight domestic pets. From smaller boutiques to full-blown luxury recreational and lifestyle centers, see what packages may be available for your dog or cat.

High-end Recreational Experiences for Pets

Fine Dining: One of the most dedicate high-end domestic pet lifestyle centers, is the “Pussy & Pooch” Wellness Spa located in pet-centric Californian cities such as in Downtown Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Long Beach. Here pets can enjoy decadent treats at the Pawbar café where they can sup on stews, soups, organic meats, baked goods, doggy beer and even canine-friendly frozen yogurt! At the Pussy & Pooch’s Meat Market, cats and dogs can enjoy an array of raw, organic, canned foods, or dehydrated meats to help provide pets a balances diet.

In-House Veterinary Services
: Due to the amount of pets that come through recreational centers, many companies partner closely with reputable veterinarians to ensure that their guests have the best medical treatments available. The Pussy & Pooch Pet Lifestyle Center provides services through the Healing Touch Vets. These treatments can include, acupuncture, Chinese herbal remedies, spinal adjustments, laser therapy, and rigorous dietary attention to help both dogs and cats maintain wellness.
London’s popular Pets and the City also provides an in-house Reiki therapists for pups who need some emotional and physical attention after exhausting or traumatic experiences during their stay.

Hydrotherapy: Its obvious that’s most dogs like to swim, but the Starmutt’s Pet Boutique in London offers hydrotherapy treatments for pooches who want to improve their circulation, core strengthen, joint stability and mental stimulation. A fun option for typically colder country, the hydrotherapy sessions allow dogs a chance to swim in temperate waters as a method of alternative exercise.

Pet hotels: Some of the nicest recreational pet centers have adjoining hotels where their visitors can relax the highest quality R&R. The Pet Hotels Hollywood provides patrons with 5-star luxury suits for any pampered pets who stay with them. The pet rooms have light stands, paintings, rugs, sophisticated beds, and even flat-screen TVS. The Pet Hotels Hollywood also provides a chauffeur service for pet parents who don’t have a moment to drop off or pick up their pooches themselves. And you guessed it, the chauffeurs will pick up your dog in a luxury car.

Sister Spa Centers: Holistic recreational centers generally focus on the well-being of the pets, emotionally and physically. This often includes adjoining pet-grooming stations and spa treatments (like the Bathhouse of the Pussy & Pooch Lifestyle Recreational Center), offering massages, facial and grooming treatments after a long day of obedience training.

Training classes:   These can range from simple obedience training in group settings, or private one-on-one tutorials while your pet is at the recreational center. Dog schools at the Pussy & Pooch address behavioral issues (such as aggression, and rehab training for adopted dogs), as well as Basic Training, and Puppy Playschool which acquaints young dogs with obedience and healthy interactions. Pets can attend for single day-lessons or up to 20 training sessions to reach their full potential.

Picnics in the Park:   Outdoor outing and social hours are important aspects of pet recreational centers. The Kennel Club in Los Angeles brings numerous activities and outings for the pups playing at their center, one of which is a picnic in the park. The picnic allow dogs to scamper through beautifully maintained grounds before dining on delectable doggy treats with their pals. The Kennel Club also offer countless spa treatments so that if the dogs get messy from all their romping, pet owners can pay to have them spick and span before going home.

Events: A leader in recreational pet lifestyle industry, Pussy & Pooch arranges get together for pets and their owners on a regular basis. The provide events such as the Mutt Mingle, Meow Mingle, Anesthetic-free Pet Tooth Cleaning, and Dog and Cat Adoption events. Interestingly, these kinds of outings can result in opportunities for people to do some mingling with other like-minded pet parents. If Pongo and Perdita can successfully bring their owners together in 101 Dalmatians, then anything is possible!

Dog Parties: Places like Pets and the City offers a catering services with special gourmet dog food and treats for dog parties, for pet owners who throw puppy parties for their pooch and his friends. Packages from Los Angeles favorite “Pussy & Pooch” offer party packages that include: goodies bags, party decorations, pet treats, games, contests and pet prizes, party hats, dog-suitable cake, and water bottles for the slaves, –er humans that are throwing the party.