Summer is now in full swing, so naturally our minds are turning toward Independence Day. It’s another presidential election year, and there are many people who are finding their usual patriotism being massively challenged with the slew of current candidates. Because of the divide between Democrats and Republicans, it seems focusing on our unity is the best way to move forward as a country. There is nothing more American than celebrating freedom with your friends, family, and loyal dog! No matter what might be going on in the polls and presidential debates, these pets always manage to bring a smile to our face and remind us of our rich heritage. Here are a few of our favorite patriotic pets rocking the glorious ole “red, white and blue.”

How Your Dog Can Show American Pride

Keep it simple with a US flag dog collar:

Join in your city’s parade, walking the dog proudly along with this patriotic leash.

Imagine how adorable your pup will look with this harness on!

Another classic option is to choose a flag bandana…

…or giant American bow. (This one is just downright Instagram-worthy. We’re on board.)

Show some enthusiasm for your country by buying your pup this cozy pillow to nap on.

(Because all this supporting the USA can make a pup tired!)

If you are worried about it being nippy at nighttime when you and your family watch the fireworks, bundle your canine buddy up in this dog-sweater with the American flag woven on it!

No backyard BBQ would be complete on Independence Day without this festive hammock swinging in the breeze. Watch out though, you might have to share the space with your pup!

Be warned… all dogs want to be heroes, so they might take the whole “Captain America” thing to a whole new level!