Get ready, pug-parents! We have compiled the very best list of delightfully inspired gifts for you and your pug-owning pals this Christmas. But before we get to the good stuff, let’s brush up on some key terminology:

Pug Definitions:
Puggle: a Beagle/Pug hybrid.
: eager, quick to argue, bicker, or fight.
Pugilist: a professional boxer
Pugnation: a country filled with people obsessed with their pugs. Examples of this may be found below!

1. Pug-Pillows: The next best thing to snuggling with your puppy pal, are these pug pillows!

pug pillow

From iLeesh

2. Anatomy of a Pug Paraphernalia: Turn your house into a science lesson on the anatomy of a pug. You can get a mug, bag, t-shirt, clock or pillow with this design.

anatomy of a pug

Designed by Sophie Corrigan

3. Pug rings! Get a line of pugs holding on for dear life, for just $8 a pop at CharmSpinky’s Etsy shop. Though they are not pictured, other Etsy shops (such as MyGoldAnimals) offer a 14k gold pug ring which can be yours for a modest $1,100.

4. Pug Mugs: Coffee tastes so much better if you drink it from this puppy-cup.

5. Graphic design tops: Let the world know your devotion to this elite little breed.

By Signaturetshirts on Etsy

By Signaturetshirts on Etsy

6. Pug Earrings: Because why not wear them as close to your face as possible?

By Zearrings on Etsy

By Zearrings on Etsy

7. Pug blankie: Wrap yourself in a pug!