Everybody loves a good movie about animals. Many such films feature a dynamic combination of both cats and dogs, as that tends to be a more universal crowd pleaser. But whether the main characters are cats and dogs, or powerful felines alone, movies about domestic pets entertain and warm our hearts. Here are some of the greatest live-action films in which cats are the star of the show!

The List!

That Darn Cat (1967, 1997): A classic Disney film starring Hayley Mills, the original That Darn Cat tells the story of a wily and adventurous Siamese and the two sisters who own her. The film was remade in 1997 starring Christina Ricci, who plays a young girl who has to fight off pesky kidnappers with the help of her cat named DC.

The Incredible Journey (1963): A touching film about the determination of comrades, this narrated classic immortalizes the story of two loyal dogs and a tenacious Siamese cat named Tao. Together the animals travel over 300 miles back to their owner’s house, relying on each other’s’ skills to survive.

The Adventures of Mile and Otis (1986): When a kitten named Milo is set adrift down a river in a box, his Pug friend named Otis chases after him and helps him out numerous scrapes. The two learn to survive together against all odds, and remain the closest of friends when safely restored to their farm.

Garfield – The Movie (2004): The recalcitrant orange cat left the illustrated page to star in his very own feature film with Bill Murray voicing Garfield and Jennifer Love Hewitt playing the veterinarian. The story follows Garfield on a series of chases and close-calls, and is an overall fantastic film for anyone who calls themselves a “cat-lover.”

Cats and Dogs (2001): This battle of the species is an action-packed, comedic commentary on how dogs and cats interact. With same dynamism and tactics found in Hollywood spy films, these rivals outsmart each other time and time again until they choose to lay differences aside.

Ghost Cat (also released as The Cat That Came Back – 2003): In this intriguing film, a young girl and her father move into a home that they come to find is haunted by the pet cat of the house’s previous owner. Not to be feared, the mysterious apparition helps thwart some impertinent robbers.

The Three Lives of Thomasina (1963): A unique story narrated by Thomasina herself, this movie offers an insightful and endearing depiction of the many lives cats experience. A young Scottish girl and her veterinarian father receive a redeemed relationship and many life lessons along the way, through the help of their orange-colored cat.

The Cat in The Hat (2003): The classic Dr. Seuss character is brought to life in this hilariously colorful film rendition. Possibly the worst babysitter to exist, the Cat brings all kinds of shenanigans to an otherwise picture-perfect home. The beloved children’s book has become a successful book-to-film story.

African Cats – Disney Nature Documentary (2011): Consider this the live-action version of Disney’s The Lion King, only instead of Swahili songs and animation, it is an informative adventure! Anyone who loves cats will be enthralled with this docu-film about great wild cats and their lives on the African continent.