If you are shopping for a friend who is a renowned cat-enthusiast, look no further! Whether you are shopping for someone’s birthday dinner, for a Christmas present, or a simple “thank-you” token, here are some of the best gifts for cat-lovers. Even if you find these items to be extreme, your feline-frenzied friend will adore these kinds of presents.

Cat-themed fashion: From kitten-print scarves, to cat house slippers, the is a wide variety of cat-fashion items in to be found online and in generic department stores. Consider going with a snuggly cat beanies, kitten-mittens, feline nylons, or a kitty-print dress. When in doubt, there is also a plethora of cat jewelry on privately-owned Etsy shops, where consumers can find anything from cat rings, to earring studs, dangles, cat-head bangle bracelets, necklaces and even cat-cuff links for your male pals.

Houseware: Opt for getting kitty kitchen clocks, cat measuring cups, cat plates, placemat-cats, “Le Chat Noir” kitchen towels, or kitten-face mugs for their morning coffee. ModCloth also sells a cat-shaped tea-infuser which hangs upon the side of the mug, as if the kitty is trying to escape! If the cat-lover in your life also has an affinity for baking, there are feline-shaped molds where would-be chefs can cool melted chocolate, melt cat-face marshmallows to top a latte, or highlight a kitty kind of dessert.

Conversation pieces: This could be an ottoman for the living room in the shape of a cat-head, or some cat-print covered upholstery or toss-pillows. There are also an abundance of vintage kitty posters, or feline-themed calendars of kittens, space-traveling cats, featuring specific breeds for each month of the year. Your pal’s coffee table will look more inviting if you give your friend one of these lovely cat books (and if you are feeling a bit cheeky, some of these humorous reads are bound to get a laugh!)

Cat-ssessories: Though accessories can widely vary based on personal taste, if you see a friend wearing cat socks, or writing on a kitty-spotted notepad, it is a safe guess to assume they would appreciate other similar items. Try an iPhone case with Persian cats all over it, or a kitten wallet or clutch, cat-themed headphones, or tablet sleeves. If they are office workers, make a kitty-themed care package for them to take to work, filled with cat-face sticky notes, cat pens, stationary, and feline binders to adorn their desk.

Cat care items: All cat owners have responsibilities that tend to be tedious. Try purchasing something that would make caring for the cat much easier for your friend. Pamper them with a time feeder so that they can fill the food bowl once every few days instead of having to do so daily. If fur-balls and cat hair are a pet-peeve that drives your pal crazy, get her a FURminator brush or a lint-roller for her purse. Buy a calming collar, or a ThunderShirt for people with naturally anxious pets, or for a serious cat-care relief tool, you could always go for the Litter-Robot so that your friend will only have to clean up littler once a week! THAT will win you some major approval points!

Gift-giving Tips

• If you are still at a loss about what to choose for your feline-favoring friend, there are entire stores dedicated to cat paraphernalia. At suddenlycat.com, there is an abundance of items specifically for cat-owners, or for pampering the kitties themselves. From cat costumes, to hats and bowties, collars, kitty toys, and catnip pouches, there are nearly endless choices to delight a pet.
• Gentlemen, if you are trying to impress a girl who adores cats, consider getting her a gift not just for her, but for her cat too! This will show your lady of interest that you also care about welfare and lifestyle of her pet. One great gift would be a cat crib, (a hammock that attaches to chair legs, so the kitty can roost in peace just below their pet own), a new cat toy, or a cat leash or bag she can carry around and tote her kitty in!