Life can be demanding and expensive, leaving most of us with little time to invest in animals or even  other people.  Because of this, it can be easy to write off the idea of adopting or fostering a pet, simply because we do not think we have the time or resources to do so.  Here are some of the most common reasons why someone would believe they are unable to take in an animal in need.

Top Reasons Why People Think They Can’t Foster a Pet

  • “I don’t have the space.” Honestly, most people have enough space to foster a pet, especially because animals do not require that much moving ground to live comfortably. Cats sleep almost 17 hours a day, and as long as you are walking the dog, he should be fine to live in a smaller area for a few months. Anything is an improvement to sharing a crate with 4 other dogs at a shelter!
  • “I might get too attached.” While this might be true, seeing the dog or cat be welcomed into their perfect forever home, will outweigh any feelings of remorse. At the end of the day, knowing you did the right thing is a far more satisfying reflection than trying to keep every pet you can. If you honestly cannot imagine life without your foster pet, then maybe his forever home will be yours!
  • “I can’t afford an animal (or another animal).” Foster pets have all medical bills covered by the shelter, and their care items are things you can write-off on your taxes, as a donation to the shelter. This is the least expensive option available for pet-parenting on the market!
  • “What if a foster dog gets my own pets sick?” Surely this might be concern at the offset, but the truth is, shelter dogs and cats are under strict regulations about vaccines, vet visits and healthcare. Because of these standards, the shelter pet might actually be in better condition than your own!
  • “I already have another foster pet.” If this is true, that that is great! But ask yourself, would one more really hurt?  If you already have the gear to care for a dog, maybe helping save another life would be possible. Plus then your foster pet could have a buddy!  In some circumstances, people can also find adoptable sibling pets.

Worries About Adoption

When it comes to adopting pets, there are numerous worries that keep people from taking that first leap of faith.  Some myths about shelter pets are that the animals are in the rescue home because no one wanted them, or because they are unhealthy, or that they all have behavioral issues and were abused pets.  Then when people do adopt, there is the fear of not connecting with the animal, or trying to figure out what to do if you adopt the wrong pet.  The reality is, in this country there are literally millions of dogs and cats who need good homes. Similarly to the lack of child adoptions in America, if every family in the U.S. adopted one cat or dog, the rescue homes would all be empty!