As of March 10th, 2016 Nestle Purina PetCare has recalled several of their Purina Wet Dog Food Tubs due to inadequate vitamins and minerals. The products recalled include:

  • Beneful Prepared Meals (10 oz tubs)
  • Beneful Chopped Blends (10 oz tubs)
  • Pro Plan Savory Meals (10 oz tubs: including the Braised Chicken Entree, Braised Pork Entree, Braised Turkey Entree, Grilled Salmon Entree and the Braised Beef & Rice Entree)

Fortunately, the recalled products do not contain anything illness-inducing or unsafe for pets to consume, but during a routine review, Purina found that the wet dog food tubs were not as nutritious as advertised, containing the recommended vitamins and minerals needed for a pet’s daily consumption.  Purina is currently working to rectify this problem so that the products may be made available again as soon as possible.

For more information about this recall, review the press released issues by Purina here.