At some point in time, many devoted dog owners consider what it would entail to become a breeder. In order to do this, they soon find out there are several necessary tasks to accomplish along the way, one of which requires a dog to be registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).
If a purebred dog was originally registered with his litter by the AKC, then he too can participate in an individual Dog Registration Application. This is generally conducted through the breeder who sold the pet owner his dog, but can also be accomplished online through the AKC.  Here are the main steps and requirements to getting a dog officially registered in the United States.

In order to seek registration, a dog must be a purebred from a registered litter. The dog owner and the breeder or owner of the dog’s parents must also apply by including the following information.

From the litter owner:

  • Dog’s gender
  • Color of coat
  • Markings on coat
  • Selecting “Full” or “Limited Registration”
  • Transfer date from litter owner to individual owner
  • Contact details (name and address) for the new dog owner
  • Acknowledgment and signature of litter owner
  • (Some forms may also require the names of the sire and dam of the litter, the date of mating, birth, and whelping, etc.)

From the new dog owner:

  • Dog’s name
  • Acknowledgment and signature of the new owner and any co-owner
  • Payment details /Fee dues
  • Registration Option selection

When attempting to register a dog under the American Kennel Club, there are forms and fees to be included in the applications. All forms must be sent to:

Dog Registration, American Kennel Club
8051 Arco Corporate Dr. Ste 100
Raleigh, NC

Applicants can also attempt to register online if they have the correct documents on hand, and would prefer not to do so through the regular mailing process.  Once the online application is processed, it usually takes about three weeks before the results come back and the dog owner is issued an AKC Registration Certificate.

Note:  If you acquired the dog through a third party, or another way that was not directly from the breeder or litter-owner, you may submit a Supplement Transfer Statement for the transfers that have occurred in the meantime.  After this is approved, the owner will receive a registration certificate that can be applied to the individual dog’s application through the AKC.

If you, the litter owner from whom you purchased your dog, have lost the original dog registration, you can request a resubmission Duplicate Dog Registration Application from the breeder, who will then submit it to the AKC. Once it goes through, you would be able to apply to register your dog.

Cases in which a purebred dog might not be eligible for AKC registration:

  • If the dog is from a rescue home/dog shelter
  • If there is incomplete paperwork
  • If the litter-owner did not register the dog (or the owner never was given paperwork from the breeder)

If the dog is already registered at another organization (such as the Continental Kennel Club, the Canine Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, or North American Purebred Dog Registry, etc.)

For other common frequently asked questions, refer to the AKC Canine Registration FAQs.