Pet insurance, like traditional health insurance, is used to cover the cost of injuries and illness. There are a variety of companies which offer pet insurance, so it is important to understand what is the most suitable coverage for your needs.

There are many coverage types which pet owners can select from, and each of the offerings provide coverage options for the type of pet, and the breed for which the insurance is being purchased. So what are the types of pet insurance coverage?

Injury & Illness

The most basic type of pet insurance covers injury and illness, which is the most basic level of insurance you can get for your pet.

Wellness Coverage

The injury and illness coverage does not cover well visits such as annual exams, vaccines or tests, so some pet owners may need consider the additional coverage offered by wellness care.

Which Insurance Coverage Should You Get?

It is easy to recommend getting pet health insurance, as almost every dog or cat, no matter how docile, calm, and healthy, will eventually have healthcare needs which are beyond the standard vaccinations, and health checkups, and these needs can become prohibitively expensive. There are other coverage options, however, that may not be necessary for every pet owner.

Some insurance plans offer injury-only coverage for those who are looking to save a bit of money on monthly premiums; however, it is important to keep the long-term cost of taking care of a pet in mind. Does the particular breed of dog or cat that you have predisposed to certain illnesses, hereditary or genetic conditions? If so, then it would be advisable to get enough coverage which takes into account those conditions.

So it is important to figure out what your specific situation and pet will require. Some things to consider are:

  • Compare coverage plans based on your actual expected needs, and do not make your selection just based on initial cost. A low monthly payment may end up costing you a lot more in co-payments and other costs.
  • Make sure the company underwriting the coverage is in a financial position to honor the health insurance contract.
  • Find out the coverage limits so that you are not caught off guard by healthcare expenses.
  • Find out of the coverage allows for you to select any veterinarian you like.

At the end of the day, pet owners want the best for their pets, and selecting an affordable yet appropriate pet health insurance will allow for the best care for the pet companion.