Cats make messes discretely, while dogs can just haul off and leave a soiled wake of destruction in their paths. The first line of defense in keeping your house clean is to stock-up on supplies. If you have been a pet owner for a long time, you can sympathize with how important having the proper cleaning products can be. This might not sound time sensitive, but believe us, it is. Making sure you have the right tools in your hand will allow you to swipe up mistakes before they can become stains on your living room floor.  Here are some of the basics items needed:

House Cleaning Supplies List

  • Damp disposable wipes/Wet Ones: You’d be surprised how often these come in handy with little dogs and cats around. Small spills by the food bowl, crusty grime sticking to puppy faces, etc. Failing to correct the mess might just transport it elsewhere in the house. Stay alert, and bring a damp cloth to the rescue as needed.
  • Lint rollers: If you do not own one of these by now, you must have a Poodle hybrid or a non-shedder! There is nothing worse than finding dog hair on a comforter or cat fuzz on your little black dress before date night. A lint roller will swipe all the pet hair away with one brief swish!
  • Swiffer/Broom: We find that Swiffers are the most effective and efficient tools to rid hardwood floors of pesky dust bunnies. A Swiffer is a better option than a broom, since the damp fibers of the cloth, with make sure no dust is left behind.
  • Antibacterial Wipes: Keep these for any nasty germs (from urine or feces) you don’t want festering around your home. A bottle of Anti-bacteria spray is also useful for accidents that extend more than a few feet!
  • Baking soda: This is one of the greatest natural miracle-workers you can possess. Not only will baking soda deodorize anything that might have odorous waste on it, the soda will soak up any liquid and help bleach out the stained area. For example, if your pooch left a surprise pee-pee puddle by the front door, dab up the liquid in a paper towel, and then scatter some baking soda powder across the area. Once you’ve let it sit for a couple hours, vacuum the space up and note how the smell and stain have faded!
  • Paper Towels/Rags/Used Towels: Don’t leave yourself so destitute that you find yourself grabbing those decorative kitchen towels your Aunt Muriel embroidered for the wedding. When your dog or cat makes a faux pas, make sure you have a stack of old rags, cloths, or paper towels to clean up the mess!
  • Stain Remover: Products like Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover are effective when it comes to destroying both stain and stench. Some people also use vinegar and baking soda, as a natural cleaning solutions. But for particularly troublesome patches, a strong dry sponge or brush with some extra-strength stain remover will help diffuse any discoloration.
  • Air Fresheners: There are many kinds of air fresheners, from store brands such as Febreze, to homemade fresheners that will keep your house smelling clean with an organic, non-toxic scent! Lemons, white vinegar, and incense are all recommended for natural ways to spruce up indoor aromas.
  • Enzymatic Cleaner: This should be your go-to product when there is bacteria or a stain that needs dissolving. You can also learn how to make these enzymatic cleaners at home!
  • Black Light: If you want to go spy-style and do some high-tech reconnaissance around the home, we recommend getting a hand-held UV Fluorescent light tube. The tool is perfect for those times you come home to a distinct kitty-urine smell, but cannot find the puddle anywhere. The light will help you see exactly where your pet eliminated, so you can target the area with the right cleaning products.
  • Rubber gloves: Take it from us, there will definitely be times when you come across something you do NOT want anywhere near your skin.  Whether it’s the headless body of your cat’s latest victim, or the dog’s regurgitated dinner on the tile floor, you are going to be thankful you kept a stash of gloves close at hand!