As soon as the skies get cloudy, and echoes of thunder rumble in the distance, some dogs will dive under the couch pillows, or run around anxiously in circles. Storms, howling wind, rain and the thunder can send shivers down the spines of even the bravest dogs, especially as they can hear frequencies we humans cannot. Because of this problem, pet care companies have created products to help ease an animal’s nerves whenever fright should strike. Among these are the canine calming collar, soothing sound-makers, dog-appeasing pheromones, and calming clothes such as the ThunderShirt.

What is the ThunderShirt?

The ThunderShirt is a jacket-like garment that wraps tightly around the dog’s back, belly and chest to create a comforting squeeze. Though this might sound bizarre at first, the ThunderShirt is akin to someone picking up the dog, and holding him against their chest, or swaddling the pup as one would a newborn baby. Coming in sizes to suit nearly every dog breed, the ThunderShirt is mean to be put on before a coming storm, before a trip to the vet, during a car ride, or when you are about the use the vacuum cleaner, or leave your dog for the night. Whenever something causes your pup distress, it is time pull out the ThunderShirt and bring those tension levels down.

Does the ThunderShirt Work?

The purpose of the ThunderShirt, is to target pressure points in a pet that immediate sooth and relax their nerves. The garment wraps snuggly around the pet, secured by Velcro so that you can make it adjustable to your pet’s exact frame, even if they are in the process of growing. There are no medications or drugs involved at all, this is an all-natural way and relatively inexpensive way to cure behavioral and emotional difficulties in pets. According to their statistics, over 80% of their customers claim the ThunderShirt works well to quell the anxiety of their pet, and for the remaining 20%, the company ensures a money-back guarantee. Since these odds are favorable, we do recommend that pet-owners try the ThunderShirt if they have animals with severe anxiety, object-related stress triggers, over-excitability, or those that work themselves into a tizzy whenever new people come over, or whenever they take a ride in a vehicle. Cat-owners, do not despair, there are 3 size options to suit your feline as well! Imagine how much easier your life would be without all the barking, meowing, whining, whimpering, running, scratching, digging, and all the other stress actions your pets take the moment their anxiety creeps in. With a money-back guarantee, it is worth giving the ThunderShirt a chance to see if your cat or dog’s giddy blues fly away with the rain clouds.

NOTE: In no way are we affiliated with the company the designed and developed the ThunderShirt. This is just an honest review of some pet care tips that we find helpful and want to pass on to you!