With the number of families who have pets almost double that of families with children, it is about time there were some articles about vacationing with your beloved pet instead of rowdy children—we are kidding, we love kids!

With dogs getting the royal treatment at home, being included on wills, and being treated as full members of the family, it is no wonder that Americans love taking their pooch along on vacations. But where are the best vacation destinations for dogs in the United States? Here is the list of top 10 vacation destinations for dogs.

San Diego, CA: The year-round mild weather is ideal of outdoor activities, and you know who likes the outdoors…dogs! With sixteen off-leash dog parks, San Diego practically has a dog park on every corner. But if you are visiting San Diego for the world-class beaches, then you are in luck because there is also a dedicated Dog Beach where your canine companion can run around all day while you soak up the sun.

Finger Lakes, NY: The Finger Lakes are a collection of eleven freshwater lakes located in the upstate New York, and offer a great variety of activities including boating, wine tasting, and amazing restaurants and eateries. More importantly many of the destinations at the Finger Lakes are dog friendly including the marinas, wineries, and restaurants. Of course, your pooch must be well behaved if he is to go on a winery tour or “participate” in other sophisticated human activities.

Arizona: Yes, all of Arizona! From the stark beauty of Grand Canyon National Park, to Lake Havasu, to Phoenix, Tucson, and Mesa, Arizona has amazing opportunities for dog owners to enjoy a vacation with their beloved pet. Whether you want to enjoy city amenities or immerse yourself in nature, Arizona has something on offer. There is even a resort designed around dogs and their owners, called Firesky Resort and Spa, in Scottsdale.

Portland, OR: If you thought San Diego’s sixteen off-leash dog parks were impressive, you’ll be blown away with the 30 off-leash dog parks that Portland has to offer. And as one of the most walkable cities in the world it is a veritable dog heaven!

Chattanooga, TN: Let’s face it, dogs love the outdoors, and if you want to take your dog on a vacation she’ll really enjoy then Chattanooga is sure to please. With abundant creeks, rivers, and wilderness, Chattanooga offers nature lovers amazing hiking opportunities. But roughing it doesn’t come at the expense of comfort; you and your dog can enjoy a day in nature and head onto one of the many dog-friendly restaurants around town.

Bar Harbor, ME: Bar Harbor is a coastal town in the middle of a national park. A fishing town that offers big city amenities. Never mind the boutiques, galleries, specialty shops and cafes, Bar Harbor offer over 160 miles of dog friendly trails which meander through the 49,000 acres of Arcadia National Park. There is also a marvelous dog park with a swimming hole where your dog can enjoy herself while you relax.

Bend, OR: Representing Oregon a second time on this list is the high desert city of Bend. With spectacular views, and a nature lover’s dream, bend offers over 43 weeks of sunshine throughout the year. With a wide range of outdoor activities including fishing, hiking, biking, and rafting, Bend is a vacation destination that both you and your dog will love.


There are, of course, other destinations which are great for dogs, but we wanted to compiles a list of varied options for our dog loving readers.