For first time breeders or future pet-grandparents, the concept of a pregnant dog or cat in the house can be rather daunting. When your pet is showing all the signs of pregnancy, here is an easy to-do list to help you navigate the coming weeks ahead.

Pet Pregnancy To-Do List

  • Get confirmation from a veterinarian: It is important to make sure that your dog or cat is not suffering from a disease or other health complication with similar symptoms as that of pregnancy. Once the fact has been confirmed, the vet will also be able to give you a good idea how far along in the pregnancy your pet is, and when the little ones will be due.
  • Monitor the diet: One of elements of pet care that we are most passionate about is healthy nutrition, which is vitally important while a dog or cat is pregnant. All physical health stems from consuming well-balanced and high quality diet, so a key aspect of responsible pet parenthood is the commitment to stay informed about mainstream pet food. Ensure that your pet consumes clean, natural foods that are rich with the vitamins and minerals she needs.
  • Moderate her exercise and activity: Fortunately, most cats and dogs have less energy and inclination to go sprinting and tumbling around. Keep an eye on your pet to be sure that she isn’t being pushed physically when she needs to rest. Be mindful of how children, neighbors or friends are playing or interacting with her, and be careful to go on steady, easy-paced walks. The goal during pregnancy is to strike the balance between keeping your pet fit and toned, and not straining or tiring her body out.
  • Establish a cozy retreat place: Though most pets have a bed, it might be time to consider if an upgrade is necessary. Is the old bed hairy and dirty from months or years of not being washed, or by soiled paws prancing all over it? Remember, if your pet decides to give birth here, then the puppies or kittens could be exposed to all the germs that have accumulated on the old bed. If buying a new bed is out of the question, finding a fresh box and a clean blanket would be the next best option. The space will need to be sizable enough to comfortably accommodate both your mama-pet and her future babies as they are being whelped.
  • Keep the peace: Though it may be impossible to keep noise and activity to a minimum during the weeks while your dog or cat is expecting, try to provide a calm environment for your pet pal. Making simple choices such as keeping music and TV volumes low, avoiding large parties in your home, (or simply keeping your cat or dog tucked away during the mayhem) could significantly ease your pet’s tension levels during this important season. If your dog or cat is showing signs of stress, consider some anxiety remedies that might help ease her nerves as she prepares to give birth. The more stable and peaceful she feels, the easier your pet’s labor will be.