There is no doubt that every dog has an inner goofy side, or an odd-ball aspect to his personality. And while each individual dog might have his own set of peculiarities and idiosyncrasies, there are some strange habits and behaviors that many dogs seem to share. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. The have a blow-drier obsession.  Many dogs LOVE a good “air bath” with the blow drier, and anytime you flip a switch to dry your long locks, those eager pups come running.

2. They have strange best friends.  Some dogs cuddle up with ducks and chicks, while others are attached to their kitten pals. We don’t know why some bonds happen, but these ties can be strong.

3. They love hiding our clothes/shoes. There are pups who are so smart they put two and two together to realize that you can’t go anywhere without your shoes on. So what do they do?  The moment you reach for your shoes, they grab one and run off, hoping it will keep you home. Other pups do the same thing with umbrellas, purses, and some will even sit on your gym bag in protest!

4. They sometimes watch us do awkward things.  Right when you sit down to do your business, some dogs follow their owners and just sit, starring at them. The same happens for some pet owners whenever they go in their room to change, or do anything else of that nature.  Dogs have no sense of boundaries or respect for when they should look away!

5. Clean dogs love getting dirty.  Right after bath time, we have seen countless dogs lurch right for the biggest pile of leaves, dirt, grass or garbage they can find.  Why, might you ask? Apparently dogs love to maintain their natural “wild” scent by rolling in things that stink!

6. They like to bark for no reason. Well, there is probably a reason, sometimes we just don’t know what it is. One pup will paw at the same place on the floor, barking at it wildly, while another will point at the wall and bark at a specific corner. Other dogs will suddenly leap up out of the blue, barking furiously, even when their owners haven’t heard a sound or seen anything to justify such a disruption.  Maybe it is just excess energy that needs to be let loose!

7. They love to spring around in circles randomly.  Maybe your dog is bored and wants your attention, maybe he needs a walk, or maybe the sound of your vacuum is riling him up. Think it is just a sugar high that needs burning off?  We read about one dog who sprints in circles whenever the theme song for Grey’s Anatomy comes on. Bizarre!

8. They like going to their own “hiding place of shame.”  When pups have ripped into a throw pillow, foraged through the trashed, or made a mess on the kitchen floor… they know they’ve made a mistake.  Some dogs will go bury themselves somewhere in their own little personal place of shame. One dog might hide in the bathtub, while another might squeeze under the bed, or behind a curtain.  When they have been naughty, some canines hide!

9. They like to bring people trash. A piece of tissue or scrap from the garbage has zero appeal to humans, yet some dogs are so eager to share their goodies, that they bestow each newcomer with their very own piece of trash.  We may never understand that one.

10. They LOVE to sit where you want to sit… but only when you want to sit there.  The corner of the couch may have had no interest for your pup until about 2 minutes ago. Now that you are seated there, and the cushions are warm and smell like you, the second you stand up,  your dog swoops in and takes your place. It happens when you get ready for bed too, coming in to see your dog happily perched right on top of your pillow. Not cool, Fido, not cool.

It’s a good thing no matter what these weirdos do, we will still love them anyway!