While some cats might be more easy-going than others, nearly all cats share the same dislikes. Glance below for some insights about what annoys, disturbs and frustrates you long-suffering feline friends. Try to avoid these things which drive your cat crazy, or he may begin plotting your demise.

The List!

  1. Driving:   Being in a moving car is a frightening scenario for cats. Not only does a car ride break their beautifully-constructed routines (cats like to call the shots in their day), but the windy roads, bumps can make him have motion sickness, and all passing cars and rumbling noises can be very disconcerting for a pet. The best way to diminish the trauma of driving, is to keep your cat snug and cozy in a crate. This will help him feel as safe as can be!
  2. Stomach petting. Dogs not only enjoy, they beg for tummy scratches, pettings, rubs, or any other kind of attention the tum-tum can get! Cats on the other hand would rather you keep your hands off of their underbelly. The second you start petting them on the chest and tummy, they will chomp, scratch and swat your pesky hands away.   (This also goes for rough petting! Rub your cat’s back and head lightly if you want to help him feel safe, as aggressive petting will incite him to either ditch you, or give you a warning nip or scratch to take it down a notch.)
  3. Bathing:   This will not come as a shock to most of us; it is no secret that bath time is greatly abhorred by the feline species. Though there are a surprising amount of cat breeds that like water, playing with water while it drips from a faucet, or even taking the occasion dip. But these interactions are not the same experience as being held down in warm water and vigorously scrubbed from head to tail. NOT a cat’s idea of a good time.
  4. Brushing: Being handled by human hands is more palatable to some cats than others. Friendly cats like Ragdolls and Persians might demand a certain amount of attention and petting from their owners, but brushing tends to get under their skin, in a manner of speaking. Though the brushing motion is very massage-like, cats often dislike being held still, and having the tufts of hair pulled off of them. They can be sensitive if the brushing is too hard or too often repeated on one area, so be sure to brush efficiently and gently if you want to avoid annoying your pretty kitty.
  5. Claw-clipping: Let’s face it, cats do most of the grooming themselves, so anytime they are restrained to one place, it is disagreeable. This is especially the case when it’s nail-clipping time! Felines are funny about their paws; they don’t like them to be touched or preened in any way. Like all aspects of kitty grooming- go as quickly and carefully as you can.
  6. Loud noises: Because both cats and dogs can hear frequencies beyond our ken, what is loud to us will be obnoxiously painful or intrusive to their ears. Thunder, vacuum cleaners, heavy metal music (can’t say we blame them there), loud base beats, car horns, fireworks –it is all horrifying to your kitty. Want to send your cat sprinting for his hideaway? Keep the loud noises coming!
  7. Newcomers: That could be new people (such as new roommates, or your boyfriend who never seems to leave), or new cats, dogs or other animals in their space.   The arrival of an unfamiliar person brings an onslaught of new smells, and new competitors not only for space and territory, but also time with their owner! Be patient with your feisty feline, as she will need time and persuasion before being comfortable with changes to the status quo.