Cats and dogs are sworn enemies, right? Most of us can’t quite kick the image of a dog chasing a frightened cat around the yard, or the idea that any flustered feline would hiss at an approaching hound. However, as hundreds of pet owners could attest, many domestic dogs and cats cohabit amicably together, even becoming the best of friends. See how these opposites engage with one another!

Sometimes they take turns guarding so the other one can SLEEP!

Sometimes Siamese kitties and Cavaliar King Charles Spaniels can put aside their differences, for the sake of snuggling in a bed basket.

They even face off for some high-stakes chess games when their owners aren’t looking!

But when it is dinner time, it’s every species for himself!

Sometimes these guys like to match

If the dog is too pesky, a cat will hiss and put him in his place!

But when push comes to shove, they’re there to lean on each other.