Felines love fish. Well, they love to eat fish, paw at fish, and watch fish. Naturally when fish are swimming just inches below the surface of a very accessible pond, it is no surprise that one might spot a cat staring into the waters below. Some kitties are held completely captive by the enchantingly large and bright fish just gliding a few inches from their paws. Here are some of the best shots of cats and koi fish in action!

Cats and Koi Fish

If this cheeky cat leans too much further, he might find himself swimming with the fish, rather than spying on them!

To be fair, we can understand what all the fuss is about. Koi fish are gloriously colorful and brilliantly dappled.

Sadly all nefarious plans of the hunter are waffled when the koi pond turns out to be frozen. Poor kitty… he is trying his best!

You never know what could be lurking in those ominous green waters…

This feline might have a healthy appreciation for the size and multitude of this particular school of koi. He probably won’t be crouching too much closer to the edge; it’s not worth the risk!

This certainly makes you rethink owning a cat AND having a koi pond…

Though this cat probably had his own intentions with the fish, watch the furry kitty meet his match as the koi fish comes in for a big kiss!

Being approached by a koi fish can be so traumatizing for a cat, that they must seek comfort and solace from small humans.

This scenario of cats captivated by koi is such a classic image, even baristas have turned it into compelling latte art!