There is no doubt, cats are enthusiastic climbers and scratchers. Whether it is their carpeted furniture, the side of the couch, your curtains, or that imported rug from India; these animals are all about using their paws and claws. There are many reasons why cats enjoy and need to scratch; here are some visual aids to prove it. Felines of all ages can’t seem to keep their paws to themselves, and we think it is adorable!

Cats like to scratch because copying humans is fun!

There is nothing like using a carpeted masterpiece to keep claws in good form. These cats don’t mind marring the Mona Lisa one bit.

Some kitties love using their scratch-happy claws to hold obstinate prey objects still.

Their long claws help cat climb trees…

Even the ones they aren’t supposed to be in.

This cat is putting those claws to good use trying to scale a wall with his kitten!

Scratching helps cats (even the big wild ones) get a good stretch in!

Having the ability to scratch with their claws and climb give cats the feeling that they are invincible superheroes defying gravity!