Puppy eyes are endearing, until they just won’t go away. Most canine companions seem to have a fascination with staring that can be nearly impossible to deter! Sometimes while you are working, your dog won’t take his eyes off you, or your pup will just sit perched on your lap, trying to engage in a little non-hostile staring contest. What does this mean, and why do dogs insist on locking eyes with other creatures for long periods of time? Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that some pups just can’t shake this habit. Here are some of our favorite staring pups and their relentlessly long gazes.

Not sure who will win this epic staring contest. Man VS Dog.

This little pup looks as if the intimidation factor is really starting to have an effect on him!

When no humans are around, pups will resort to facing off with each other. May the best dog win.

And when one dog gets “crazy-eyed” the other one might get on that same level too!

Don’t be surprised if your pup dons a disguise just to throw you off his game.

Or if he snarls to try and get the upper hand

…And then gives you the “evil eye.”

Then there are those dogs who prefer to pick on someone their own size.

…Or over-achieving dogs who take on two cats at once!

Even shy dogs might not want you to know they are staring… but sooner or later, you’ll figure it out.