PetMate Doskocil Crazy Circle

PetMate Doskocil Crazy Circle

Cats as a species are usually less inclined to rip their toys to shreds than dogs are. They may be more interested in exploring, hiding, sleeping, or grooming themselves. However some cats do devote hours to chewing on toys, and doing so is actually beneficial for their oral hygiene and health. Not only that, but it is an innate aspect of their primal nature to hunt, claw, chew and “destroy” their prey, which in the case of domestic cats is usually their toy of choice. This is often evident through the behavior struggle some cats face where they will chew on anything ( this is known as “cat pica”).

Finding a toy that will withstand both the teeth and persistent claws of felines is highly preferable to replacing felt mouse after felt mouse that your cat has rendered unrecognizable. For such kitties in particular, see the list below for which kinds of toys last the longest.

Durable Cat Toys

Rough-n-Tough brand: These toys are designed to stay strong even with daily pawing and chewing. The toys come in pyramid shaped cones, cat-shaped toys, or tube-shaped “huggers.” Their best feature? These stuffed toys are all filled with 100% organic catnip, so that your cat might even get drowsy or loopy whenever he bites or breathes in the toy’s fragrance.

Kong Brand: Like their incredibly durable dog toy products, this company designs similar options for cats. Their Cat Wobbler will keep the cat occupied mentally and physically for hours, as it is not only fun for the cat to scratch and bite, but whenever it wobbles to one side, there is a treat dispenser that will allow a tasty morsel to slip out. Built to last, this re-fillable cat toy will teach the cat to stay focused and work for rewards. Another long-lasting winner in the Kong brand, is the Kitty Kong toy, a sturdy rubber object that not only bounces, but can be stuffed with treats or catnip for added incentive.

PetMate Doskocil Crazy Circle:   This plastic circle presents the perfect challenge for cats. With a ball trapped inside the circle, the cat can swipe at and try to grab hold of the chewable ball. Free from any charging or batteries, the toys goes whirling into action whenever the cat play begins, and is sure to drive your kitty wild and keep him busy for years to come.

FroliCat Pounce Toy: Felines love to keep their paws as active in the chase, and toys like the FroliCat Pounce will keep your kitty’s attention. The interactive objects is a rotating game of cat-and-mouse, where the small toy rodent races around unexpectedly, giving your cat a run for his money. This toy not only increases a cat’s hunting skills, but it helps direct attention away from destructive chewing, and instead improves a skill set.