variety of dog toys

Has your dog lost interest in his rope toy or red ball? Perhaps you may be running out of ideas on how to keep your canine entertained. Whether your dog is a snuggly pup that needs a cozy toy for naptime, or he is teething and needs a rubber chew toy, or is hunting dog in training who will need a scented dummy; there are plenty of options to choose from! Here are some great ways to think outside the box on what category of toy to get your dog.

Distraction toys: Toys that divert a dog’s attention are a crucial part of training and play time. When owners are attempting to dissuade their dog from chewing on furniture, children’s toys or shoes, there needs to be something else they can give the dog to divert their attention. Dogs are easily redirected by delicious scents and interesting noises. Toys that hide treats, or make squeaky noises or rattling sounds are effective distraction toys. The treat-hiding toys will keep a dog absorbed for hours, motivating him to chew through the toy to get to the yummy rewards in the middle. Squeaky toys are exciting to pounce on, play with, and gnaw on. Though it might be a bit noisier for a while, it is far better for your dog to sink his teeth into the toy than your new designer shoes.

Active toys: These toys present an opportunity for your pet to jump into action. Watching a dog go after a bouncy ball can be exciting for him, and very entertaining for you. As long as the ball is big enough not to pose a choking threat to your pooch, they can be very fun to have around. Similarly, flying disks, Frisbees, and soft fetch toys are great to play catch with so your dog can have a chance to run around. Scented hunting dummies are great for you to play fetch with, or hide in the house and tell your dog to retrieve. He will love sniffing out the elusive toy! Remote control dog products are also very interesting to dogs, as they are unpredictable and fun to chase.  When in doubt, go for fetch toys that are made of rope or floss that will help keep your dog’s teeth clean whenever he chews on it.

Comfort toys: These are generally gentle toys made of fabric, fleece or plush stuffing. Like a teddy bear is to a child, soft toys often become nostalgic for the dog. The more he plays with the toy, the more it begins to smell familiar to the pup, providing an element of comfort to him. These are great for young dogs, and can act as nap-toys or even double as a cushy pillow. Some dogs like to carry these toys around, or even shake them as if it is a fresh kill, so be sure that the comfort toy is a decent size to avoid choking or swallowing.

Helpful tips on buying dog toys

  • Always buy 100% natural rubber toys to avoid toxins in the product your dog is chewing.
  • Be wary of any lead, chemicals and contaminants that might be harmful to your pet before purchasing them. Do your research before to find out how to protect your dog from Toxic Pet Toys.
  • Soft, vinyl, latex or squishy toys are better for senior dogs since they will be less damaging for their teeth.
  • Rope toys and large bones are good for bigger dogs, but be careful with rawhide as it can present a choking hazard when it begins to breakdown.

For better oral hygiene get dental chew toys that will help your pup keep his teeth clean.