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Cats are the perfect blend of independent self-reliance and cuddly couch potato companions. They enjoy being left to their own devices, so long as there is plenty to entertain and captivate them. They tend to be much more low-maintenance than dogs, as they will never insist on cold winter walks or nightly trips to do their business, and they prefer not to take baths. Cats are also useful creatures and hunters who will rid the house of bugs and unwanted rodents without training or request.  They have unique and endearing behaviors that bring entertainment to anyone who engages with them, and are regarded as one of America’s favorite pet choices. When it comes to choosing the right cat, each owner must consider his own expectations, needs and preferences before selecting the breed. Then he must determine whether he wants to buy from an adoption agency or from a pure-bred cat breeder. While pet stores were the erstwhile go-to method of buying domestic animals, this option has become less prevalent due to the poor conditions pet shop kitties are subjected to.. Animal lovers are primarily opting to adopt a new furry friend, or seek out private breeders rather than resort to a pet store purchase. In this section we cover the variety of ways one can find the right pet, while providing a list of helpful questions to determine which breed of cat would be the best choice for you.

Adopting a Cat

Adoption is an excellent way to support the fair treatment of animals.  By adopting a cat, owners help provide more room in adoption homes and animal shelters to be able to house other pets wandering the streets. When considering buying a cat, owners want to be sure that the animal they bring home will be a well-behaved addition to the environment.   With adoption, this cannot always be guaranteed, as the cat’s previous living conditions are largely unknown. However, a cat from a shelter will most likely have been provided the proper shots, balanced nutrition, and health care that any per-parent would approve. In this section we discuss the details of adopting a cat, including the positive and negative aspects associated with shelter pets.
Adopting a Cat

Buying from a Breeder

When cat-lovers begin the search for their next feline, one of the most common pursuits is to find a pure-bred cat breeder. Although buying a cat from a breeder is often the most expensive option, many cat owners prefer to invest extra time and money into finding the exact breed they want. This is particularly pertinent in the case of some rare breeds like Bengals, which almost never end up in adoption homes and shelters. Another benefit of buying from a breeder is the assurance that your cat has received individual attention, and has been given all the proper medical care and vaccinations. In this section we consider the positive and negative aspects of finding a cat from a breeder, in comparison with adopting or buying from a pet store.
Buying a Cat

How to Choose a Cat Breed

Choosing cat involves much more than just the color of coat, or the size of a cat’s ears; it extends to the kind of temperament, habits, behaviors, and tendencies you would desire in a pet. Our approach to this question is to provide the prospective cat-owner with some considerations and questions that will help him determine his expectations and preferences in cat breed. Such questions will involve, “Would I prefer a short-hair or long-hair cat? Do I need a loyal and comforting companion, or would I prefer an independent cat? Would I prefer a “talkative” and cuddly cat who is more socially inclined, or perhaps the silent and aloof type?” These kinds of questions will help inform your search, and aid you in narrowing down what breed is best for you.
Choosing a Cat Breed