Learn a bit about who is behind the wealth of knowledge brought pet lovers, on a daily basis.

Esther Johnson

Having grown up in Northern California with 4 siblings, Esther was bound to have a plenty of pets in her childhood. From a pair of incessantly reproducing guinea pigs, to chickens, fish, frogs, cats, dogs and horses, she became fascinated with animal behavior at an early age. Her favorite pets were Thoroughbred horse named Donny, and a yellow Labrador named Sweden, who first made her irreversibly fall in love with dogs. With a BA in Humanities and Philosophy, one of her biggest passions is writing about ethics (the evidence of which can be found in her blogs). Esther loves focusing on the moral way to handle sensitive situations in pet care, or observing how caring and interacting with animals is directly related to a person’s emotional and mental well-being. She loves animal trivia, jokes, facts, books, films and funny memes about pets. Esther enjoys learning new things, and answering any questions, so feel to reach out with any queries about caring for your pet.

Contributions made by Esther Johnson.

Joseph Abbott

Joseph is an erstwhile student of English literature and journalism, and (unsurprisingly) spends a good deal of his spare time reading and writing. Fortunately this is immensely helpful in the world of pet care, as there are always facts to be learned, new statistics, and interesting studies to be noted. Joseph is particularly interested in advances in medical research and the clinical side of pet care. He enjoys offering readers the best support for their pets and helping them find practical solutions for their health and training issues. Like a true Englishman, Joseph is a dog-lover through and through, though he does have a soft spot for Exotic Shorthair cats and Scottish Folds. When he is not typing feverishly on his laptop, Joseph can be found wandering the lush countryside of Oxfordshire with a trusty Rhodesian Ridgeback by his side.

Contributions made by Joseph Abbott.