Young Woman Kissing German Shepherd Dog Outside

Purchasing a dog is not what it used to be. Pet shops, which were most commonly frequented in the past, have developed a poor reputation for not providing the necessary care a dog needs, often resulting in sickness, and negative behaviors. Because of this, people are more likely to purchase a dog through a breeder or via an adoption agency. Important factors to consider when looking for your perfect canine companion, is to identify the dog breed’s specific traits, behavioral tendencies, and skill sets.  Because bringing a dog into your life is essentially committed to a live-in companion for the next decade or longer, proper time and consideration ought to be devoted to the purchasing of the new pup. Ask questions that will help you understand the kind of lifestyle you will be able to provide a dog, and the kind of energy level and temperament in a pet that would best match you.

Adopting a Dog

The option of adoption has grown in increasing popularity over the last few years.  Puppy mills that provide dogs to pet stores reputedly lack good living conditions and health care for their pets, and pet stores routinely will lower prices to motivate buyers to purchase the unhealthy animals. Frequently these dogs receive low quality nutrition, and end up suffer physical ailments or passing along sickness amongst each other. For these reasons, more pet-seekers prefer other alternatives for purchasing a dog. Often people immediately resort to buying from a breeder rather than adopting a puppy who needs a good home. In this section we discuss the benefits of choosing adoption, the affect this has on society, as well as what you can expect from both the adoption center or dog shelter, and the adopted dog herself.
Adopting a Dog

Buying from a Breeder

In this section we discuss the reasons why one might opt for choosing a pure-bred dog. Buying from a breeder is a valid option, though regarded as a “luxury” choice when there are already so many puppies who need good homes. However, in some cases buying from a breeder is the only way you can find the breed of dog you prefer. A breeder will also have references and a history of your dog’s bloodline, and your pure-bred puppy is more likely to be well-cared for and given the proper health treatment and shots. Additionally, the breeder himself can be used as a point of contact should you run into any health concerns or hit any behavioral walls.
Buying from Dog Breeders

How to Choose a Dog Breed

Much like humans, dogs have a wide variety of sizes, temperaments, behaviors and needs, and ought to be matched with a human who fits their personality.  In this section we provide a list of questions that will be relevant to your situation, and will help you consider what kind of dog might be best, based on your own personal diagnosis. Such questions may include “What is my current availability? How much will my life change over the next 10-15 years? Does dog fur bother me or not? At the end of a work day, would I rather a stroll around a park, or go for a vigorous jog?” Such considerations will identify your needs as a dog owner, so that whichever dog you choose will be perfectly matched.
Choosing the Right Dog Breed