Some neighborhoods seem overrun with Chihuahuas, while others have Golden Retrievers or the most recent poodle hybrid parading every street. Trends often fluctuate, but there are certain breeds whose popularity stands the test of time. Below is the American Kennel Club’s recent list of the top ten most beloved dog breeds in America, and a little snippet about why we love these fuzzy buddies so much.

labrador retriever Labrador Retriever: Whether yellow, chocolate or black, the celebrated Labrador has been America’s front runner for over twenty years. Their steady and cheerful demeanor, loyalty, companionship and low maintenance personality makes them the ideal pet for children of all ages. They are also often the first choice for hunters, to large families, singles, city-dwellers, rural residents, and the elderly.
 German Shepherd dog German Shepherd: As one of the most intelligent breeds, German Shepherds have made a name for themselves as courageous and highly skilled creatures. They have been established as useful assets in law enforcement and the military, and also as protective family pets. The German Shepherd has been on American shores since 1908, and is reputed for loyalty and devotion.
 Golden Retriever Golden Retriever: Much like the Labrador Retriever, these dogs were breed for activity and amiability. Originally a combination of retriever, Tweed Water Spaniels, Irish Setter and Bloodhound; the Golden Retriever is a hardy and reliable hunting companion, as well as a patient service pet, and lively family dog.
 beagle Beagle:   These compact creatures are tenacious pups once bred for hunting rabbits and foxes. Their small stature, curiosity and charisma make them an entertaining household pet, perfect for children of all ages. Perhaps the most beloved American Beagle is Charlie Brown’s animated dog named Snoopy from the Peanuts comics.
 bulldog Bulldog:   The Bulldog family (English, French and American) are favored breeds, due to their low-maintenance physique and laid back demeanor. They are easily recognizable with their stocky bodies, and though Bulldogs can be and gruff and cantankerous, they are filled with charm. These entertaining pups have stumbled their way into American hearts as the 5th most popular dog breed in the country.
 yorkshire terrier Yorkshire Terrier: Affectionately known as “Yorkies,” these purse-size pups have proven themselves time and again as fiercely loyal pets. Once bred to be effective “ratters” and working dogs in England, the Yorkshire Terrier is a staunch little creature, full of energy and activity. Those that prefer a miniature companion with plenty of vigor and personality, favor Yorkies.
 boxer dog Boxer: The muscular build of a Boxer is the quintessential picture of a strong, athletic dog. With a charming facial structure like that of the Bulldogs, these pooches are always ready for rigorous exercise and adventure by their owner’s side. Boxers were once bred as hunters and fighters, and were used as messengers in the military. Now they are prized as gentle and cheerful family pets we well as determined guard dogs.
 poodle Poodle: Far from popular belief, Poodles were designed to be far more than just a well-groomed “frou-frou” pet for upper class females. Once bred as water retrieving companions for hunters, the Poodle is ranked as one of the most intelligent dog breeds that exists. Their hypoallergenic coat also makes Poodles a desirable dog to cross breed for over 20 hybrids breeds such as the: golden doodle, the malti-poo, cocka-poo, labradoodle, etc.
 rottweiler Rottweiler: These strong and adept dogs thrive when given tasks and commands. Whether they are guarding the house, working with search-and-rescue teams, or with law enforcement officers, the Rottweiler is a skillful asset to have. Because of their intelligence and protective nature, Rottweilers are a popular breed choice for a family pet.
 duchshund Dachshund: Similar to the Beagle, these German pups were once bred to hunt small animals such as rabbits and badgers. They have spunky personalities, with vivacious energy and constant curiosity. The “weiner dog” is affectionate and companionable, having miniature frames that make them great pets for apartments and houses.