Have an empty aquarium that is taking up space in your garage? Instead of tossing it or attempting to sell it in a yard sale, why not turn the tank into a fascinating focal point for your living room. Fish are fun to keep around, but why not go out on a limb and try something a little off-beat and creative? Here are some first-class aquarium pet choices for anyone who find fish to be on the boring side!

Unusual Aquarium Pets

Ghost Shrimp: Surprisingly, these translucent sea creatures are considered one of the most popular pets to keep in a fish tank. Be sure to buy plenty of under-water vegetation to decorate his house with, since they love meandering around plants. (If you want to get really wild, hook up a black light near the tank to switch on when you have people over to visit, and the little shrimp will glow under water!)

Frogs/Toads: There are a whole host of water frogs and toads that are just as happy to hop along the rocks and lily pads as they are to swim in the waters below. One of the most striking creatures is the Fire-Bellied toad, who boasts of bright red and vibrant green coloring.

Crabs: Whether you go with the bright Red-Claw crab, or a scuttling black crustacean, this is certain to be an entertaining pet since they almost look like Disney characters in action! Keep the water “brackish” (mildly salty) for these little creatures to thrive.

Sea-Snails/Fresh Water Snails: These slow-movers are incredibly low maintenance, since you only have to clean their tanks about once a month. Be sure to keep a snap-on lid though, or the water snails can prove to be adept escape artists!

Axolotls: Are these beauties even real? These Mexican salamanders look like Japanese anime characters come to life! The Axolotis require tanks of at least 20+ gallons of water in a spacious aquarium. But their adorable faces and miraculous ability to regenerate, heal and even grow an additional limb make them something of a phenomenon in the world of pet care. (This is our personal favorite option!)

Starfish: Yes, technically the word “fish” is in this creature’s name. But admittedly, a tank full of these unique beauties is sure to prove more striking than a pack of orange goldfish in a glass bowl. Plus, starfish take minimal management when it comes to caring for and feeding them.

Octopus: There is no good reason NOT to want an octopus in your fish tank. These beauties slither around on their majestic tentacles, and will prove a great conversation piece for any visitors.