On May 15th, 2015, OC Raw Dog Food located in California’s Rancho Santa Margarita, officially announced a recall of its Turkey and Produce Raw Frozen Canine food.  The product is believed to be infected with a Salmonella contamination, resulting in the recall of nearly 2055 pounds of food packaged in 6.5 lb and 5 lb bags. This products was largely distributed through Minnesota, Missouri, Colorado and Pennsylvania.

The product tested positive for Salmonella, after a routine sampling test program conducted by the Nebraska Department of Food and Agriculture. The OC Raw Dog Food company has since discontinued production until they can determine what caused the contamination. Salmonella can affect both humans as well as animals, so those who have purchased or handled the food are encouraged to exercise caution when disposing of it.

Symptoms of salmonella include: fever, lethargy, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, urinary tract symptoms, and in some cases, vomiting, etc. Pets with such symptoms should be taken to a veterinarian immediately.

For more information on the recall of the Turkey and Raw Produce Frozen Canine product, review the official U.S. Food and Drug Administration press release.