UPDATE: February 4th– J.J. Fuds Pet Food

The following additional products have been recalled due to salmonella contamination:

J. J. Fuds Premium Natural Blends Chicken Tender Chunks
J. J. Fuds Premium Natural Blends Beef Tender Chunks
J. J. Fuds Premium Natural Blends Duckling Tender Chunks

Updated press release found here: U.S. Food and Drug Administration


J.J. Fuds Raw Frozen Pet Food
As of January 27th, pet food company J.J. Fuds has updated their recall on their pet food products due to (unspecified) contamination.  The following two additional products have been recalled:

J.J. Fuds Duck Strips (2 ounce)
J.J. Fuds Beef Strips (2 ounce)

The product originally recalled on January 23rd is the J.J. Fuds Premium Natural Blends, Chicken Tender Chunks, and the product was largely sold across the MidWest region including: Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. It has been recalled due to a listeria bacteria contamination.

Be aware that listeria bacteria can cause infections in children, weak or elderly people, sometimes proving fatal. Even for healthy adults, the listeria organism has been known to severely weaken  the immune system, and cause miscarriages in pregnant women.

Symptoms of infection include:  high fever, headaches, nausea, vomiting, stiffness.

No reports of canine or human illness has been reported as of yet, and the company is offering a full refund for customers who have purchased the frozen raw food product.

For more information please visit the U.S. Food and Drug Administration  press release.