Dogs can cats have great spinal flexibility, and often contort themselves in silly stances and stretches.  Whether they realize it or not, many of the things these animals do naturally closely mimic yoga poses that we humans work hard to achieve. Giggle along with us as you peruse some of the more “enlightened” animals practicing yoga.

Even the strictest of yogis would have to agree that this French Bulldog has fantastic form.


Not sure whether or not this could be considered the dragonfly pose, or a mimicry of the kala bhairavasana Destroyer of the Universe pose… but this Sphynx is onto something.


This furry cat might be going for the Sundial pose (at least that’s what we hope he’s doing!)


Some pups are dedicated yogis who like to take their practice to the next level… even achieving the vertically impossible:


This furry boy is giving shivasana his very best try!

And when class is over… we think this is the best kind of pose to conclude with. Namaste.