Anyone who owns a pup has heard the phrase “chocolate is poisonous for dogs.”  While it may never be a pet-owner’s inclination to give a dog something that could cause him harm,  they may unknowingly do so from time to time. Below is a list of foods that should NEVER be fed to a dog or cat:

Things you should never feed your dog

While many food may seem harmless, pet owners must be wary of “healthy” food for humans which may cause dangerous reactions in their canine pals. Some of these items include:

  • alcohol
  • avocado (which has persin and is bad for puppy intestines)
  • onion powders
  • cooked bones (which can splinter)
  • coffee
  • chocolate (which is filled with unhelpful theophylline)
  • corn kernels (which can block intestines)
  • moldy food
  • macadamia nuts (which have led to canine paralysis)
  • potato peels (these are full of solanine, which causes digestive issues)
  • grapes and raisins (which have pollutants known to kill pups from liver and kidney failure)
  • multivitamins
  • peaches/plums (whose seeds ruin intestines when eaten)
  • sugar, candy, gum and yeast (all of which cause serious strain to digestion, gas, nausea and even organ rupture if the dog has too much)

Things you should never feed your cat

  • onions and chives (both cooked and raw are very dangerous for felines)
  • garlic
  • tomato leaves
  • small bones from fish and other cooked meats (which cats can choke on)

When your cat or dog is begging for some left-over corn on the cob or raw fish, don’t fall for their charm. Your pet does not know the peril; you do.  Your job is to protect your animal, even when they may be their own enemy.