One of the primary concerns for Raw Food products is that dogs and cats can suffer from  bacteria in raw meats, or from diseases caused by microbes. However it ought to be observed that animals in the wild generally have vigorous immune systems, resulting from the bacteria their bodies have been exposed to. Since all living creatures who eat a raw diet may run into the occasional bouts of digestive discomfort, the best way to guard against this is to consume a probiotic-rich diet to help balance bacteria.

  •  It is your pet’s natural inclination. Animals for centuries have survived on the raw flesh, bone, and meat of their kills, supplemented by select fruits, vegetables and herbs.  They are genetically programmed not only survive on this kind of diet, but to thrive on it!
  • Raw foods strengthen your pet’s immune system.  By subjecting cats and dogs to raw foods and the natural bacteria therein, their immune systems will be strengthened.  This is particularly true in pet food brands that supplement the raw food with probiotic cultures that significantly help the digestion process.
  • There are physical benefits of a raw diet. Not only will your pet be more vibrant and less lethargic, you will start to see benefits appear in other areas of your pet’s life. Their skin and coat will be healthier, and they may have reduced allergies.   They will have better digestion (particularly if there are probiotics in the raw food), and they will be more likely to have better weight management.
  • Degenerative diseases are not found as often in wild animals.  Studies have found that pets who feed on 100% of processed food in their diets, are far more likely to suffer from degenerative diseases. Cooked and processed pet foods have reportedly killed hundreds of domestic pets in America,  while contributing to their overall poor health and susceptibility to diseases. Raw food diets, on the other hand, have no comparable effect.  (For example, many people routine consume raw meat or eggs in their diets, and feed the same to dogs without any deadly or severe illness as a result.)

Risks of Raw Pet Food

Bacterial contamination is a risk in raw foods.  Contaminants like E.Coli and salmonella can be found in raw food diets,  though they are generally a greater risk to the humans that handle them rather than the pets that consume them. The likelihood for canine or feline infection is actually quite low.

When considering your pet’s diet, bear in mind, not all processed/cooked food is bad.  There are still food products on the shelf which do have integrity to their make-up, with ingredients that can certainly be helpful for your dog. The argument here is to simple acknowledge that raw food is much less of a risk than it is a beneficial investment in your pet’s long term health.