Humanity is better off because of dogs. They directly cause us to experience physical benefits, as well as emotional, mental, and relational improvements in our lives. Not that dog owners needed any convincing about whether or not they made the right decision when they got their pet; this list is to help people on the fence to consider how a dog could brighten and improve their lives.

The List!

  1. Dogs keep us fit and our lives orderly. Strenuous daily walks, and frequent trips outside to go potty help humans avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Someone might be perfectly happy to stay lazily indoors, but a dog will force them out of their comfort zone and into the sunshine. Additionally, having daily routines and structure brings order to our lives. This kind of cadence and organization helps us feel our lives are purposeful, since dogs make us establish (and stick to!) balanced routines.
  2. Dogs help bond us with other people. Studies show that people appear more approachable when they are accompanied somewhere by a dog. Not only does pet ownership allow us to connect with others, but it also apparently makes an individual more appealing as a romantic prospect.
  3. Owning a dog can improve your love life. Caring for dogs helps human grow in a few basic skills that heavily contribute to the way in which they connect with significant others, show affection, give encouragement and prioritize another’s needs before their own.
  4. Dogs can be trained to detect diseases, cancer, allergies, or help physically disabled people. Medical detection dogs and service dogs are just one of the incredible support functions a canine can provide. People with debilitating allergies, physical disabilities, and diseases can rest assured that a well-trained dog will help protect them.
  5. Playing with dogs makes humans happy. The warm, fuzzy feelings of happiness do not just come from large sympathetic puppy eyes, or the endorphins we get when it’s playtime! There are numerous scientifically proven ways how dogs make us happy.
  6. Dogs help stabilize mental health. They do this by allowing themselves to be cuddled and hugged whenever their owner feels blue. They need walks, which will necessitate exercise for someone who would rather mope or suffer in sadness indoors. Just as cats are proven to aid children with depression, dogs provide an answer for loneliness, a lack of companionship for those in need. (And their hilarious mannerisms always give someone a reason to giggle!)
  7. Canines directly affect our physical health. First of all certain studies have shown that dogs are scientifically proven to actually lower our stress levels, and help us have more adaptable hearts. Physical health is always linked to mental health, and reports have also shown men with AIDS are 3 times more likely to struggle with depression if they do not have a dog. Finally, by simply petting dogs, we help boost our “feel good” oxytocin levels, while diminishing the stress hormone cortisol.
  8. Canine companions offer live-in protection and security. Even the smallest of dogs have sharp instincts and skilled noses that can detect anything dangerous or suspicious, and give us audible warning signals. It is no wonder that stress decreases when a dog is around! They help us feel safe and secure.
  9. Dogs strengthen infant immune systems: New parents who want to give their children their best chance at a healthy life would be well-advised to buy a dog. Kids that grow up around canines are less likely to develop allergies and eczema, and statistically spend less time going to the doctor than kids without dogs. (Another interesting fact about kids and canines: dog-owning families have children generally with better school attendance.)
  10. They lead by example. Dogs love unconditionally, live with loyal devotion in a way that is inspiring to many pet owners. They do not judge us, nor do they leave us to fight our battles alone. Canines exemplify what true companionship and love is, proving that even being around a dog can make us better people!