Every once in a while it is good to add some whimsy to your life. Scientific research shows that people who spend 20 minutes or more a day watching cat videos online, or looking up kitty pictures and memes, are actually happier people.  Let us infuse a fair dose of happiness in the world, with a handful of these playful pictures of cats large and small interacting with one of the world’s most beautiful creatures: the butterfly!

If this isn’t whimsical, we don’t know what is!

Just a little to the right, and this feline would’ve gotten him!

Sometimes all kitties want is a friendly conversation.


…Or a butterfly kiss on the nose!

The frustration of this scene is just unbearable!

The biggest cats in the world are transfixed by these delicate creatures. (Just look at this lion’s focus

Even pretend butterflies are still vastly interesting to cats.

This furry feline clearly illustrates the brilliant aesthetic of pairing yellow with grey!

This is just kitty-butterfly bliss!

Cats and butterflies are a springtime match made in heaven