Spring is the season of eggs hatching, birds singing, flowers budding, and new life beginning wherever we look. Though we primarily devote our facts to the canine and feline world, we know there are plenty of other pets who deserve sometime in the sun. In the spirit of springtime, here are some of the most adorable baby animals to grace the wide and wondrous world of pet care!

Nothing says springtime like a pair of golden baby chicks!

…Or a Wilbur-wannabe wrapped in a pink towel.

Look at these little rescued ducklings trailing their mama!

These fleece-coated twins are Hallmark-card perfection.

This pudgy little goat looks like he’s been hogging all the milk!

Sometimes pets find friendship in the most unexpected places.

Even cats will put away their love of bird-hunting in the spring season!

The power of “cuteness” is potent indeed! Look at these elderly ladies in Ipswich, England giggling with their ducklings!