There is no shortage of pet products, with endless variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, there is something for every pet (owner) need and want. It is no different when it comes to cat carriers. There are several types of carriers, each with their own advantages and disadvantages; you just have to pick the one best suited for your needs. A cat carrier is a simple product, so it is generally difficult to pick a bad one as far as quality is concerned; however, there are features, sizes, and materials which might not be suitable for your particular use-case or cat. Since even the largest cat doesn’t weigh more than around twenty pounds, cat carriers can be light and easy to carry. So what are the options?

Soft Carriers

The lightest of your options, soft cat carriers usually look like duffle bags with netted openings on the sides to allow for proper airflow and for your cat to be able to see what is going on in the outside world. They are ideal for travel, especially for short trips. They are easy to store since they can be folded or (if necessary) crammed into corners. As with other soft surfaces, a soft carrier is harder to clean, and this is something that you will have to do at one point or another since cats end up having accidents in their carriers if they are in there too long or simply get motion sickness while traveling.

Hard Carriers

Hard cat carriers are generally made of plastic, and are of a larger size compared to soft carriers. They are somewhat different than the similar-in-design dog crate in that some have a top section that opens to allow for easy placement and removal of your cat. Otherwise, they are a basic plastic enclosure with a wire door on one side. They are easy to clean, and offer a ridged and safe environment for your cat. They are heavier than soft carries so they may not be suitable for any travel activities which require a lot of relocation.

Tips & Details for Choosing a Carrier

The most important thing when choosing a carrier is to make sure that it is large enough for your cat so that it can comfortably lie down and turn around. Aside from that there are some other considerations that can help you pick the right carrier for your needs:

  • No matter which carrier you choose, make sure that you place some soft material (a towel or blanket) inside to carrier to make it comfortable for you cat.
  • A carrier with an opening at the top will make your life easier, and be less stressful for the cat as it enters; you’ll be able to lower the cat into the carrier without much fuss.
  • Keep in mind that even though you don’t want the carrier to be too small, you also do not want it to be too large, as cats feel more secure in cozy areas, and the large enclosure may make your cat anxious while traveling.