We have all experienced that wits-end moment with our animals when we just can’t seem to kick the pet hair issue. Tufts of fur seem to appear everywhere, from floor corners, to chairs, car seats, and bed spreads. Nothing is worse than sitting on the couch in your new work pants, and standing up to find the cat’s white fuzz all over the black slacks. Instead of constantly digging around for the lent-roller, there is a new product that might solve the issue before it ever becomes a problem.

What is the FURminator?

Most pet brushes effectively remove the outer coat’s loose hair, dandruff, dust and grime from the animal’s coat. However, the FURminator digs deeper to remove the hair in the undercoat as well as loose hair on the top coat. The thin tongues of the stainless steel brush sift through the top coat, while pulling loos hairs out of the deeper undercoat with every stoke. That way, owners are able to remove the hair that is about to shed before it has a chance to come to the outer layer and attach to your couch cushions. When too much hair accumulates in the brush, the “FURejector” button swiftly disposes of the hair, and the comb is wiped clean for more brushing.  The FURminator product comes in comes of all sizes, geared towards dogs large and small, as well as long and shorthaired coats, so that every animal will have access to the most effective tool for their type. There are also brushes specifically designed for cats, and FURminators that come with built-in vacuum features for those that don’t want the hair piling up in the trash.

How the FURminator Works & Benefits the Animal

  • One of the upsides of using the FURminator with a cat, is that you will reduce your feline’s hairballs. By limiting the amount of hair on the kitty’s coat, there will be less excess fur in his system after grooming. We know cats are going to groom, regardless of their shedding status, but using a FURminator to reduce the hair will certainly help your cat avoid frequent and painful hairball regurgitation.
  • Applying the FURminator with the built-in vacuum, is a great way to combat pet allergies since the hair is disposed of immediately through a tube.
  • Many pet owners who have reviewed the product note that their dogs and cats love being brushed with the FURminator, as it feels like a deep tissue massage. The stainless steel teeth of the brush can also finally scratch that itchy spot that dog nails just can’t reach.
  • Some pet groomers also offer a FURminator treatment for their guests, often charging $40-50 for the service. Though the brushes themselves can be expensive, (costing between $25-75 based on the size of the brush), many people feel it is worth purchasing the brush for in-home use rather than hiring the groomer for a one-time service.

The general consensus from customer reviews and personal testimonies seem to conclude that this product does improve the condition of the animal’s coat, but also provides a massive reduction in the amount of hair shed around the house.