dog in winter clothes

Winters can be bone-chilling for dogs too!

We don’t have to tell you that pet clothing is popular. If you own a pet, chances are you have been to a pet store. And anyone who has been in a large pet supply store, knows that there are puppy and kitty clothing, covering anything from ornate Halloween costumes, to sports team jerseys,  fluffy fur coats, and even light-up hats.  Though it might seem silly or needless, bear in mind many pet owners that live in cold countries have short-hair dogs, or sleek wiry dogs that could easily get a chill.  Some dogs are bred for the winter, and have thick coats to offer protection.  However, for many dogs this is not the case, and the need for an extra layer of winter clothing is very apparent. Help your pooch bundle up, and keep him warm in the wind and rain with some of the below options:

Jackets: These range from blanket-like drapes that snap under a dog’s belly, to zip-up jackets that cover a dog’s front and back legs.  There are also thicker vests, knits, and wind-breakers, slickers and rain coats for whatever weather might be trying to ruin your time outside.  If you are in particularly cold country, there are fur-lined down jackets with hoods fit for your little bundle of fun!

Doggie Boots: Kit up your canine with shoes ready for the roughest weather.  There are waterproof galoshes for paws prone to puddle-splashing; and warm winter booties that keep toes snuggled away from the snow and icy. Most pet boots have built-in traction on the soles to help the dog grip the ground when it is slippery and wet. For pets with the highest fashion sense, you can also find suede boots lined with lamb’s wool to match the owner’s beloved UGGS.

Pet Hats: On long winter walks, puppy faces and ears are often exposed to harsh winds.   Full-coverage pet hats or hoods can help shield the ears and eyes from sleet and gusty gales. Putting on a simple hat before your walk, will help your dog retain body heat and will make an chilly walk with you be much more enjoyable.

Pat Scarves: While this might be more for humor and fashion than necessity, many owners like to throw a bright scarf on their pup.  There are fleece, wool, knit, and fuzzy fur options for whatever might suit your mood. Just hope that your pooch won’t try to pull or scratch it off!

Have fun! Play up your dog’s personality or breed. If he is a Scottish Terrier or a West Highland dog, suit him up in a mini tweed coat or a plaid knit, straight from Scotland! If you or someone in your family is in the armed forces, get a camo beanie or hoodie for your pooch to match.  If pink is your signature color, then there are plenty of ways to make your dog look as frilly and girly as possible. For owners that like to accessorize, this is a great way to make funny memories with your pet, and keep him warm and cozy in the cold.